Library & Bookstore


Our library operates as our parish's research center supporting both ecumenical and cultural study. This center is a true tool to those who attend bible study, greek school, sunday school, and is open to the entire community for those who want a better understanding of the richness of the Orthodox Faith.

LIBRARY HOURS: Every Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sundays after the Divine Liturgy.

We strive to constantly update our library with quality Orthodox literature. Monetary memorial donations are always welcomed and appreciated.

Our Library has numerous books on the shelves for your holiday research or personal reading. Among the titles are: The Bible, The Orthodox Study Bible, Jesus of Nazareth, The Life and Times of Jesus, The Spirituality of Imperfection, All the Teachings of Jesus, All the Prayers of the Bible, Christ in the Psalms, Christ: The Conqueror of Hell, The Winter Pascha, The Great I Came’s of Jesus and many more.


Over the years, our Bookstore has been committed to making our Orthodox faith accessible through books, icons, music and media.

Our Bookstore carries an inventory a selection of icons and the capability to order many others that might not be stocked on an everyday basis. Icon shrines, votives (hanging & free standing), jewelry, censers, incense and charcoal are also available. A large quantity of books are also on hand with subjects ranging from catechetic writings, ecumenism, liturgy, service books, theology, spirituality, family topics, children’s books and Bibles, saints, Tradition, tradition, Bibles and Bible study aids and more.Our Bookstore is located in the Social Hall of our main church area. We are open Sundays after Divine Liturgy during Coffee Hour until the crowd thins and weekdays by appointment.