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Important Consecration Weekend Dates

Friday November 7, 2014
06:30 p.m. Hierarchical Great Vespers Service
Followed by Social Reception

Saturday November 8, 2014
08:00 a.m. Orthos Service
09:00 a.m. Consecration Service
Followed by Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
05:30 p.m. the Grand Consecration Banquet begins

Sunday November 9, 2014
09:00 a.m. Orthos Service
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy
Followed by Fellowship Breakfast

Blessed is he who is considerate of the poor and the needy. Not even night should interrupt you in your duty of mercy. There should be no delay between your intention and your good deed. Generosity is the one thing that cannot admit of delay. He who does acts of mercy should do so with cheerfulness. The grace of the deed is doubled when it is done with promptness and speed. Let us visit Christ whenever we may, let us care for Him, feed Him, clothe Him, welcome Him, honor Him, not only at a meal or by anointing Him as Mary did, or by giving Him gold, frankincense and myrrh, like the Magi.

–St. Gregory of Nazianzes

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